Wrap Skirt Coloured with Spectrum Noir Alcohol Pens

I revamped a black skirt that had been screen printed in white fabric paint with dragon designs. I thought that it just shouted out for a bit of colour. I used Spectrum Noir Alcohol Pens from Crafters Companion.

I wasn’t sure if the pens would work over the top of the fabric paint (presumably acrylic based) and remain permanent with washing. I tested a small area first and yippeeee it worked!

I simply coloured over the fabric paint, left for a couple of days to fully dry/set, then iron fixed on the reverse to heat set the ink. The pens worked beautifully. One of the panels was beaded, and I was able to colour around the beads using the fine tipped end.

I really love my newly revamped skirt.

Wrap Skirt 1


Wrap Skirt 1a


Wrap Skirt 1b


Wrap Skirt 2a


Wrap Skirt 2b


Wrap Skirt 3a


Wrap Skirt 3b

Happy crafting, Anne x.

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