Floral Card created with Brother ScanNCut embossing on parchment

AW ScaNCut Emboss

Good morning. I have just been playing with the new embossing kit for the Brother ScanNCut. I love it. I made this for one of my lovely crafting friends.

Have you seen the deal on the ScanNCut CM900 at the moment? Create & Craft Club members get a 20% discount. FAB price and includes lots of extras including luxury card bundle.


  • ScanNCut CM300 machine
  • ScanNCut Embossing Starter Kit
  • Design activation card for ScanNCut (included in starter kit)
  • ScanNCut Canvas web App
  • ScanNCut standard mat
  • Parchment (Create & Craft)
  • 8 X 8 inch white card blank (Lynda Chapman)
  • 7.5 X 7.5 inch pink patterned paper (DCWV Floral Stack)
  • Floral corner punch (EK Tools Eden set)
  • Pergamano Pricking tools (scallop and 2 pin)
  • Approx. 3mm ball hand embossing tool
  • Alcohol ink markers (light green and pink)
  • Used tumble drier sheet
  • Pergaglue and acrylic glue
  • Pergamano mapping pen and sticky ink
  • Fine crystal glitter
  • Parchment embossing and pricking mat
  • Pergamano snips

How it was done:

Screen shot of the design on ScanNCut Canvas:

AW Floral Embossing Screen Shot

  1. I activated the embossing designs in ScanNCut canvas (from the activation card included in the embossing starter kit). I created a new project and loaded designs to the mat: floral spray (LE-A06) and Text (LE_D03) line embossing designs, and the border from the basic shapes. I copied and pasted the floral spray and arranged the designs on the mat and downloaded to a USB stick.
  2. I loaded onto the machine, grouped the designs and adjusted the size to approx. 7 inches square to fit my card blank.
  3. I attached my embossing mat to a new standard tack mat. Note: take care when sticking down – avoid creating air bubbles. When I first tried the embossing my parchment ripped. When I check it was where I had large air bubbles beneath my mat. It was a little tricky to peel off again. I was worried that it was stretching as I pulled it off the mat but it soon regained it’s shape ok. When finished I left the embossing mat in place before covering and storing for future use.
  4. I then embossed the design using speed set at 1 and pressure at -2 with the smallest embossing tool. I rubbed over the parchment with the tumble drier sheet before embossing (this helps the ball tool to glide more easily). Without unloading the mat I repeated using a pressure of -1. I was delighted with the results.
  5. I repeated embossing the floral sprays for cutting out and decoupage.
  6. I then manually embossed on the back with a ball tool to add a little shading to the leaves and flowers.
  7. I coloured the leaves and flowers on the back with alcohol pens to add some subtle colour.
  8. I pierced around the outside of the frame using the scallop piercing tool (from the front), and around the extra flowers with the twin piercing tool, ready to cut out.
  9. I cut around the frame and extra flowers using Pergamano snips. I am a parchment novice and really struggle with getting a neat little picot snip. I know the theory but I guess practice will make perfect. Tip: With handle end overhanging the waste side (i.e. the bit you want to trim away) put the scissor points into 2 adjacent holes. Careful not to go too deep (definitely one of my problems) – you snip using the very tips of the scissors. Lower the scissors so that they are angled flat to the parchment, twist slightly and snip.
  10. I outlined my card blank with green alcohol pen, punched the corners of my decorative paper and glued down. The parchment was glued down using Pergaglue – a tiny dot on the frame borders and behind the flower centres.
  11. I then lightly shaped the flowers, added a little more pink alcohol pen around the snipped edges, and glued in place.
  12. I using the mapping pen and sticky ink to draw over the lettering and flower centres, then added fine glitter for a bit of sparkle. I added dots of Pergaglue onto the frame borders and glittered. This dried to give little 3D glittery ‘gems’.

2 thoughts on “Floral Card created with Brother ScanNCut embossing on parchment

  1. Thank You for sharing. I am waiting for delivery of my embossing kit, hopefully I will be able to do it, Yours is absolutely wonderful, I am not expecting to do anything like that. Thanks again

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