My Christmas present has arrived from World of Wool

Good evening. I just had to share what I bought with my Christmas present – voucher from World of Wool.

AW Acid Dyes


A set of acid dyes – I am going to have some experimental fun with these and have lots of fibres and yarn that I want to colour.

AW Silk & Netting

I also got some silk organza and chiffon along with netting. I have been meaning to give Nuno felting a try for ages. All set to go – yay!


AW White FibreBotany Lap Waste 1Botany Lap Waste 2Botany Lap Waste 3Botany Lap Waste 4Botany Lap Waste 5Botany Lap Waste 6

I just had to get a bag of Botany Lap Waste. I always love getting these – a surprise lucky dip of fibre. I literally squeal with delight when sorting through the array of gorgeous colours and textures. Fibres included mainly a mix of Merino Wool but also included are other wools and mixed fibres such as silk, bamboo etc. I wish that I could provide ‘touchy feely screen’ too – such a joy!

AW Wool Bag

They also sent a freebie bag. Oooh I am a happy bunny x.

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