Tie dyed T Shirt and Denim Skirt

AW Tie Dye Top 1

AW Tie Die Skirt 1

I have been meaning to dye these for ages so whilst having a dyeing session I finally started on these – a white T shirt and very pale denim skirt (white to pale blue dip die effect). I used one of the old multipurpose Dylon dies in the washing machine (they now have an alternative formulation for natural fabrics such as cotton). I really didn’t spend a lot of time. I decided where I wanted the motifs and made a small mark with chalk. I placed a chop stick tip behind the placement mark and made a sort of tent shape. Then I simply wrapped it with elastic bands and pulled out the stick. I found this a really quick and easy method. I then dyed in the washing machine with salt (according to packet directions). I love the way that the polyester stitching didn’t pick up the die – nice design detail.

I may add some more layers by block printing with decolourant pastes, and perhaps some embroidery or trims – I will share when finished. In the meantime they are wearable as they are.

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