Recycled bottle decorated using Powertex media

Good afternoon. I have been playing with Powertex again to decorate a recycled glass bottle. This one matches the canvases that I made recently (you can see them further down in my blog).

AW Powertex Fossil Bottle 1

Powertex is a fabric hardening medium which can be used in mixed media and for creating 3D sculpture. I have got so many ideas and things to try. I am having so much fun with this medium. I have many more experiments ‘on the go’ including some fossil jewellery, more 3D vessels and canvases – will share soon.

AW Powertex Fossil Bottle 2

AW Powertex Fossil Bottle 3

AW Powertex Fossil Bottle 4

AW Powertex Fossil Bottle 5

AW Powertex Fossil Bottle 6


Powertex Fabric Hardener (Ivory, Terracotta and Lead)

Recycled glass bottle

Potato sacking (burlap/hessian) and kitchen paper

Texture Media (3D Sand & Balls)

Pebeo Gilding Wax (gold)

Easy Varnish

Powercolor (white, ochre)

Bister (Black)

Fossil themed silicone moulds and gear/cog moulds

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