Mini Review of the Tim Holtz Stamping Platform available from Tonic Studios (UK)

I just have to say how much I LOVE the new Tim Holtz stamping platform from Tonic Studios. I was a little unsure how much it would benefit me as a seasoned stamper but since getting it I find that I use it so much and I tackle stamping jobs that I sometimes avoid. It is really easy to use with the clear stamp platform lid easily flipped over to use with unmounted or thinner clear stamps, the reverse for foam mounted or extra thick polymer stamps.


AW Stamp Platform

  • The little magnets are super strong and hold your card or paper in place while stamping. Great for batch making where you want to repeat stamp across a batch giving consistent alignment. If your stamps are the same thickness you can load several stamps all at once.
  • If you miss a bit while stamping you can just stamp back down with exact alignment to correct any missed bits. This is virtually impossible if judging this by eye yourself. Also great for stamping on textured card such as watercolour card.
  • I particularly love it for stamping on acetate – always a problem for me as I would often get slipping and blurred results. With this I get perfect results.
  • Also brilliant for precise multicolour stamping with watercolour pens etc. You can apply the different colours to the stamp one at a time, stamp, load the next colour and stamp – knowing that each colour will be perfectly aligned to build up the complete multicoloured image.
  • Not only that but building frames and patterns is a cinch too. Stamp, turn the card, stamp again – woohooo it’s just brilliant x

I am definitely delighted with my investment.

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