Look at who I met up with at The Festival of Quilts

Oh – I had such a wonderful day at the Festival of Quilts yesterday. So much to see and so many friends to catch up with. Well worth getting up at 5am for! I don’t usually do selfies but couldn’t resist this one with Kaffe Fasset and Brandon Mably. Woohoo!

Kaffe is signing his new quilt book on the Lady Sew & Sew stand. I have always wanted a bundle of his gorgeous fabrics but always held back as a little expensive to splash out on myself ….. but I waited all day and just had to dash back and get some before I left. So pleased that I did and planning something special that will give me joy for many years to come. I would say that it’s well worth it!

His use of colour has inspired me for decades and I think that my outfit blended in with the set quite well too! Tee hee.


Kaffe Brandon & Me 1

Kaffe Brandon & me 2

Kaffe & me 1

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