Fantasy Sea Shore Canvas created with Powertex

I simply love Powertex for creating mixed media. It enables you to sculpt fabric and to create 3D embellishments – the possibilities are endless.

AW Powertex Sea 1

I simply adore the sea but unfortunately I couldn’t live further away from the seaside. I had so much fun creating this one and disappeared into a fantasy world of sea, sand, fossils and shells. So much scope for texture.

AW Powertex Sea Close 1

I recycled an old cotton scarf and a bit of old potato sack, created extra texture using sand and balls, and even created the fossils using moulds with Powertex clay.

AW Powertex Sea Close 2

I hope that you like my fantasy sea shore.

AW Powertex Sea Close 3



2 thoughts on “Fantasy Sea Shore Canvas created with Powertex

    • Thank you Serra. I have not included a step by step but included all the materials used. I made fossils by mixing Powertex Stone Art along with Powertex Medium – then pushing into moulds. The fabrics were treated with Powertex – massaging it well into the fabrics. Powertex acts as a fabric hardener and sealer, as well as a glue and a paint. Texture was created by dropping Sand & Balls plus beads and glitter into wet Powertex. When dry, varnish mixed with metallic powder colours was dry brushed over the surface to create highlights. Hope that this gives you a bit of an idea x.

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