Spinning my lovely fibre stash

I managed to find some time for my spinning wheel – yay!

I bought this lovely fibre from the Knit & Stitch show in October (London) – mix of wool, shiny fibres and gorgeous textured pink flecks.

AW Stash 1

AW Stash Yarn 1



Oooh delicious colour changes and texture. After spinning I then plied it using the Navajo method.

AW Stash Yarn 2


I also got the chance to use my new Niddy Noddy. I did have to check out YouTube videos to see how to wind it – tee hee.

AW Stash Yarn 2a


Gorgeous skein of yarn after washing and setting (approx Aran weight). Now to think what I will make with it. Possibly a small knitting bag?

AW Stash Yarn 3

AW Stash Yarn 5

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