Ganutell Tulip

Good morning. I have been learning the technique of Ganutell. I created this tulip using instructions from the Ganutell Country Flowers Handbook from Gina B Silkworks.

AW Tulip 1b

AW Tulip 1c

I used a stranded silk thread in yellow for the petals and stranded cotton (green) to wrap the leaves. To make the central stamen I used Coton A Broder 25 (white) and stranded cotton (black).

I decided to add a tint of colour to the petal tips using red silk paint. I dampened the petals first to encourage a gentle spread and blending of the colour.


AW Tulip 1d

The little vase in this picture was created using my own fabric plus the Vase Heritage Pincushion Kit – also from Gina B Silkworks. The kit contains precision cut cards and full instructions. I fussy cut my fabric to place the motifs around the vase.


AW Tulip 1e

It looks lovely alongside the pretty butterflies. These were created from the Ganutell Butterflies Kit (Blues) – details blogged previously.



DMC Cotton A Broder 25 (white), Madeira stranded silk (yellow), stranded cotton (green and black)

Silk paint (red)

0.25mm and 0.4mm copper wire, 1.9mm Perl Wire (silver plated)

Florist tape (green)

Tools required:

Jewellery pliers or tweezers, wire cutters (scissors can be used instead but don’t use your best ones!), clear drying PVA glue and a ruler.

Optional extras:

These are not essential but really useful if you intend to make a few projects. A small piece of florist foam (for holding elements while glue dries), Petal and Leaf Jig to help shape wires easily and consistently).


I am planning a large Ganutell floral display – so more Ganutell to share with you all soon xxx.

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