Pheasant’s Eye Ganutell Flower

Good evening. I have been learning the technique of Ganutell. Here is another one – I created this Pheasant’s Eye using instructions from the Ganutell Country Flowers Handbook from Gina B Silkworks.

AW Pheasant's Eye 1a

I used a stranded cotton thread (green) to create the chenille for the leaves. To make the flower petals I used Coton A Broder 25 (red), with stranded cotton (black) plus Rayon (red) to create the centre.

AW Pheasant's Eye 1b

The little vase in this picture was created using my own fabric plus the Vase Heritage Pincushion Kit – also from Gina B Silkworks. The kit contains precision cut cards and full instructions. I fussy cut my fabric to place the motifs around the vase.

Other Materials:

0.25mm and 0.4mm copper wire, 1.9mm Perl Wire (silver plated)

Florist tape (green)

Tools required:

Jewellery pliers or tweezers, wire cutters (scissors can be used instead but don’t use your best ones!), clear drying PVA glue and a ruler.

Optional extras:

These are not essential but really useful if you intend to make a few projects. A small piece of florist foam (for holding elements while glue dries), Petal and Leaf Jig to help shape wires easily and consistently).

More Ganutell to share with you all soon xxx.

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