Relaxing with lovely embroidery kit from Rowandean – Campions and Daisies

Often with my embroidery I work very precisely, either using counted thread methods or other traditional surface embroidery methods trying to achieve super neat and precisely placed stitches as I work. I saw this lovely Red Camions and Daisies Kit from Rowandean and just had to treat myself.

The kit comes with a lovely easy to stich background fabric with basic printed guidelines and a gorgeous selection threads (stranded cotton, perle, wool, knitting yarns and metallic). The kit also includes organza, sequins and beads to further embellish your design and add more interest and texture. A selection of simple stitches are used including straight, fern, lazy daisy and french knots (for absolute beginners there is a guide on how to work these). The instructions give a guide as to where to place the various stitches and which threads and colours to use but these are worked freely. There is no stress over exact placement of stitches or using the exact threads etc. but you are encouraged to just ‘go for it’ and enjoy the process.

I did feel a little out of my comfort zone working in this way but as soon as I got started I just relaxed into it. I almost got the jitters snipping and distressing the bits of organza and adding them in along with random sequins and beads (ha ha ha) but adding them actually ‘worked’ and gave a lovely added component of shimmer and texture.

I really enjoyed stitching this kit and was surprised at just how quickly it came together. I think that I need to incorporate more of this free style embroidery into some of my future projects – so liberating and relaxing to work.

Delighted with the results – hope that you enjoy seeing it too.


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