Cute Penguin Rocker Card created for Tattered Lace

Good afternoon. I am sharing some instructions for some of my TV show samples today. This one is using the Penguin die from the Christmas Cuties range.

Penguin Rocker

A special Christmas Cuties Multibuy bundle is still available on the Create & Craft website.


How to make it:

The procedure is a little complex to explain in words but hopefully it will become clear as you try it. If you are unsure then try it out using some cheaper card or paper first.

  1. Cut the largest plain circle in heavy white card. Score down the centre and fold in half to create the rocker card.
  2. Place the bottom part of the Penguin onto the folded card aligning the small protruding edges just above the fold. Cut through both layers to remove this section. You may need scissors or a craft knife to completely remove the section if your card is very thick and it doesn’t cut completely through the front and back layers. This is done so that the base card will not show through the lacy tummy of the penguin on the finished card.
  3. Cut the decorative circle in blue card and cut in half. As above, cut away the Penguin base from the top edge of the semi circle. Align the blue half circle onto the card front to help you align the die to cut away the corresponding section. Use the white pen to draw faux stitching along the edge.
  4. Cut the Penguin in white and blue card and snip the penguin free. Snip away the tummy, eyes and beak sections from the blue card and glue onto the white Penguin.
  5. Cut the Penguin again in white card. Using a ruler extend the small edge cuts made by the die, and cut away the background from the top half. I used a steel rule and craft knife. Alternatively mark the line with a pencil and cut with scissors.
  6. Use the torn edge circle die to cut the bottom half into a semi circle, leaving the Penguin intact on the top edge. Tip: Lay the blue half circle onto the die cut Penguin aligning the bottom of the Penguin and top straight edge. Now lay the torn edge circle die on top to align it into the desired position. Carefully ease the blue card away and tape down the die. Ensure that the top half of the Penguin is sitting over the die, and not under the cutting edge. You will end up with an embossed edge from the die across the Penguin but this will be covered up.
  7. Glue the semi circles onto the card front. Glue the separate blue and white Penguin onto the white edger Penguin. The Penguin will be nice and strong ready for repeated ‘rocking’.
  8. Cut the twigs, flower centre and petals in blue and white card. The small poinsettia is made up from 2 sets of the smallest petals. The large poinsettia is made by cutting the largest twin petals 3 times in blue and white. One petal is snipped away to create the 5 petalled flower. Shape the flowers to add dimension. I used a ball tool and embossing mat.
  9. Stamp the sentiment with blue ink. Glue on the flowers. Finish with sparkly glitter glue.

I hope that I haven’t given you a headache with the instructions – it really is easier than it sounds.

Happy crafting, Anne x

My first set of samples for the Tattered Lace Christmas Shows

Hi all – I can reveal my first set of samples for the Christmas Cuties 4 day deal on Create & Craft TV. I hope that you like them. I will blog some instructions for you over the next few days.

Penguin place setting

Christmas Party place setting.

Penguin Rocker

Penguin rocker card.

A few with the lovely Twinkle die set:

Not really featured in the shows but listed in the show products at a sale price, A lovely die set.

Twinkle Card 1

Christmas card – I die cut the frame in wax paper and ironed onto stamping card to transfer the wax, then spritzed with inks to create this one.

Twinkle Card 2

I snipped into the frame to create four corners, mounted onto black card and coloured with glitter pens.

Twinkle Love Card

I combined with other dies from Tattered Lace to create this one.

Twinkle Tag

I cut the holly from foam to make a stamp. The little boots were created from waste pieces from the die cut.

Twinkle Scene Card

I snipped the frame and created an archway for a stamped scene (stamp from my stash).

Twinkle Bag

I treated some fabric with Terial Magic and cut the frame and flowers. This is fabulous stuff. I used an oil cloth effect fabric decoupage glue to glue on the frame and make a small make-up bag. It doesn’t have to be for Christmas.

More details to follow, Anne x.

Sneak Peek of samples created for the Tattered Lace 4 Day Deal Christmas Cuties Shows

I have been sitting on some exciting news – I am on the Tattered Lace Design Team – woohooooo!

Here is a sneak peek of my samples created for the 4 Day Deal Christmas Cuties Shows starting tomorrow at 8am on Create & Craft TV. Some fabulous cute dies and more lovely dies for Christmas projects.

I will be blogging full details and instructions for making over the next few days.

Penguin place setting sneak peakPenguin Rocker sneak peekTwinkle Bag sneak peekTwinkle Card 1 sneak peekTwinkle Card 2 sneal peekTwinkle Love Card sneak peekTwinkle Scene Card sneak peekTwinkle Tag sneak peek