Imagination Meets Reality scene card created for Chocolate Baroque

Good afternoon. I have had a bit of a play with Chocolate Baroque scene building stamps. I hope that you like my imaginary scene.

AW Imagination 4


How it was done:

The tree and building were stamped onto scrap paper and cut out to create masks. A few dots of zig glue were applied to the backs and left to dry (to create a tacky removable surface to hold masks in place while stamping). These masks can be re-used so I keep them in my stash for future projects.

AW Imagination 1

The images were stamped with Versamark and embossed with silver powder. Silver powder was also applied around the edges. The images were then roughly coloured with sparkle pens.

AW Imagination 2

The image was then spritzed with water and wet ink blown around using a straw. Some shading was added with the burgundy pen.

AW Imagination 3

Masks were applied over the tree and building, then the tree line stamped with Versafine ink. The sentiment was also stamped with Versafine, cut out and coloured.

AW Imagination 4

The fine tipped pen was used to draw in extra detail.

Black card was die cut and embossed to give texture. This was trimmed to create the frame. Gilding wax was lightly rubbed over the surface to pick up the texture. Die cuts and scene topper were then glued to the card front. Finished with ribbons and glitter glue.

Wedding card created for Chocolate Baroque

Good evening. I created this wedding card using scene building stamps from Chocolate Baroque stamped onto a patterned background paper from Crafty Individuals.

AW Wedding


How it was done:

  1. The images were stamped with Versafine and coloured with pencils. The scene was extended with the fine tipped pen (to ground the images).
  2. StazOn ink was used to stamp onto the mini tag as the surface was shiny.
  3. The edges were inked with ochre dye ink on a sponge plus a little glycerine to help blend.
  4. Finished with a little glitter glue and sequins for sparkle.

Village Street Scene Tutorial created with Chocolate Baroque Stamps

AW Village Street 5

Good morning. Today I am sharing a village street scene created with various scene building stamps from Chocolate Baroque. I have included a step by step of how I stamped and masked to build up the scene from the various stamped elements.



How to build the scene:

AW Village Street 1

The first thing that I do with scene building stamps is to stamp them all out onto copy paper, trim around and lay them out to decide on placement of the elements.

Once I have chosen which elements I want to use I then carefully trim around the images to create masks. I add just a couple of dots of temporary adhesive onto the back and leave to dry to give a tacky surface to hold down the elements while masking and stamping. If you have masking tissue this is already self-cling/tacky so you don’t need glue.

AW Village Street 2

Next the foreground images are stamped.

AW Village Street 3

Next the foreground images are covered up with the masks and the images that you want to sit behind are stamped.

AW Village Street 4

Further masks are added to cover the stamped images while working backwards through the scene.

Here I left the foreground tree and bush masks in place while stamping the houses. Then I covered the houses while stamping the background. It is not necessary to mask the background silhouette trees as they are solid stamps.

The masks were then removed and a fine tipped marker used to draw in extra elements such as texture on the street and to fill in and extend the solid background trees (i.e. coloured in between the houses).

Extra trees were stamped onto spare card to decoupage onto the foreground.

AW Village Street 5

Wax crayons were used to add a little texture to the roof tops and brickwork. The wax will resist subsequent watercolour.

The scene was then coloured with watercolour pens and a damp brush used to drag out colour and add shading. Extra colour was also painted on by picking up pen colour scribbled onto a craft mat or palette.

The additional trees stamped onto spare card were trimmed and lightly shaped with a ball tool to create foreground bushes and more depth to the scene.

Quick and Easy New Horizons Scene Card

Good morning. This is a quick and easy make using the Landscape Edges and Steampunkery (sentiment) stamps from Chocolate Baroque.

AW New Horizons CAS

  1. The background paper was already in my stash and had been created using ink spritzers (purple, yellow and blue with mica), painting and splashing onto wet cartridge paper. Similar could be created with watercolours or Brushos – whatever you have in your stash.
  2. The images were stamped with Versafine. The stamping was touched up with black pen where needed to intensify (note: stamping on textured paper will come out a little grainy).
  3. Brown pencil was used to quickly add shadows and white charcoal (Koh-I-Noor) to add highlights.


  • Landscape Edges and Steampunkery stamp sets (Chocolate Baroque)
  • 6 X 6 inch card blank, cartridge paper
  • Versafine (Onyx Black)
  • Fine tipped marker (black)
  • Ink spritzers (yellow, purple and blue with mica)
  • Coloured pencil (brown)
  • Koh-I-Noor Charcoal (White)

Quick and Easy Friend Card

Good morning. Today I am sharing some quick and easy makes. This one was created with Landscape Edges and Mackintosh Sentiments stamp sets from Chocolate Baroque.

AW Friends 2 CAS


The background was painted and spritzed onto cartridge paper with ink spritzers (orange, yellow, red, blue and gold with mica).

AW Friends 1 CAS


The images were stamped with Versafine. Distance was created in the foreground by repeat stamping the tree line without re-inking.


The reflection was created by stamping the scene again onto scrap acetate and transferring the wet ink.


White pencil was used to add highlights to the cloud and water. Clear sparkle pen and Stickles were used to add sparkling highlights.


Black marker was used to darken the base tree line and to edge the scene panel (note: stamping onto textured card gives a slightly grainy image).


I used StazOn Ink to stamp my sentiment as my card blank had a slightly shiny coated finish (Versafine would not dry on this). If you have an uncoated card blank then Versafine would work ok.



Quick and Easy Love and Happiness Card

Good morning. Today I am sharing some quick and easy makes.

AW Love Happiness CAS


This one was created with Landscape Edges, Sunburst Scenes, Country Views and Birthday Words stamp sets from Chocolate Baroque. It may look complicated but the scene stamps do all the work.

  1. The background was created really quickly by stamping with Versafine onto patterned paper.
  2. The mount board tag was coloured with water based inks and scene images stamped with Versafine. Marker pen was used to draw in the hills and to edge the tag and background panel.
  3. Brown and white pencils were used to quickly add highlights and shadows.
  4. The tag was added to the card with foam mount for added depth. Finished with ribbon flower and PVA pearls.


Country Cottage Scene Building Tutorial

Good morning. This was one of my recent show samples with the scene building stamps from Chocolate Baroque. I have created a step by step for you, ‘warts & all’ as I made a bit of a mistake with masking! I think that I disguised it reasonably well – tee hee.

AW Country cottage 12

The theme on Simon Says Blog Challenge (Mon) is ‘whatever the weather’. The bright colouring and moody sky gives a slightly eerie feel and maybe the threat of a storm.

Yay – my project has been picked for the Designer Spotlight on the Simon Says Blog Challenge – FAB xxx


  • Stamps: Landscape edges (wall and background skyline), Village Life (trees), Townhouses (trees & bushes), English Cottages (cottage, trees & bushes, post box)
  • 8 X 8 inch card blank and stamping card (smooth white)
  • Scrap copy paper (needs to be thin) and temporary glue adhesive (such as zig 2 way glue) or masking tissue
  • Watercolour pens and inks (yellow, orange, brown, turquoise, bright green, olive green, red, pink, grey and black)
  • Fine tipped water resistant pen (black and opaque white)
  • Alcohol marker (black)
  • Versafine (Onyx Black)
  • Pebeo Drawing Gum (masking fluid)

Step by Step:

AW Country cottage 1

Planning a rough layout.

The first thing that I do with a set of scene building stamps is to stamp all the elements onto scrap copy paper and roughly cut them out. I then use these to plan a scene, laying them out onto my project to decide on placement. Individual elements that may be needed to create masks (e.g. buildings, trees, bushes etc.) I cut around carefully. Any elements that are silhouette stamps (e.g. solid black trees, branches and foliage) don’t need to be masked so I just cut around roughly. I keep all these cut out elements to use again for future projects.

AW Country cottage 2

Stamp the post box and cover with the mask before stamping the wall. Using masking you work progressively from foreground to background. Masking ensures that element sits in front of the one behind. Don’t worry too much if you get a few gaps in the image around the masked elements, these are easily corrected with a fine tipped pen.

I put a couple of dots of zig glue onto the back of my masking pieces. It goes on blue and dries clear, and is then a tacky temporary adhesive for holding elements in place while stamping. If you are using masking tissue this already has a tacky backing.

AW Country cottage 3

Next stamp foreground trees and bushes. The foreground bush on the left was masked before stamping the ones behind. Cover the trees with masks.

AW Country cottage 4

Continue stamping and masking trees and bushes as you work backwards through the scene.

AW Country cottage 5

Continue stamping and masking as you work backwards through the scene.

AW Country cottage 6

Continue building the scene using masks as needed. Now can you see where I went wrong? I forgot to mask the bushes on the right hand side of the cottage! You can see the base of the house through the bushes. Eeek! I decided to leave it and try and cover up the mistake with the colouring.

AW Country cottage 7

Stamp the clouds along the top and the birds into the sky. Mask the foreground tree and stamp the silhouette tree on the right.

Use the fine tipped pen to draw in elements and extend the background. Try to ‘go with the flow’ and just quickly draw. Rather than solid lines try and be a bit sketchy with light touches, dots & dashes. To give the illusion of perspective draw the path wider as it gets nearer the front of the scene. Draw a letterbox and scribble text onto the post box.

AW Country cottage 9

Next cover the cottage and trees using the Drawing Gum. This masking fluid is brilliant. I had always been used to the older stinky rubbery style masking fluid that ruins your brushes. This fluid is fabulous, it paints on easily and washes out instantly with water (treat it as you would an acrylic paint and wash brushes immediately – it will ruin your brush if you let it dry on).

It is not essential to mask before colouring but this makes it much easier to slap colour across the background and leave the elements protected.

AW Country cottage 10

Apply ink colours (or watercolour washes) across the background. Work freely working ‘wet in wet’. I used intense coloured inks to create a vibrant scene.

AW Country cottage 11

When the background is fully dry rub away the masking fluid.

AW Country cottage 12

Now colour the rest of the scene. I used watercolour pens and a damp brush, picking up colour scribbled onto my palette.

Use the fine tipped pen to draw in a few extra details, adding grasses and texture to the path. To keep perspective draw them slightly larger towards the front and reducing in size as you go back. Use the opaque white pen to add a few highlights.

Finally edge the scene with black marker to frame and mount onto the card front.

Sail Away quick and easy card created for Chocolate Baroque

AW Sail Away CAS


Good morning – I love stamping directly onto pretty background papers to produce quick and easy cards – great if you need to put something together in a hurry.

I stamped elements from the Seashell Collage and flying gulls from the Landscape Edges stamp sets using Archival Ink (Coffee) onto one of the pretty background papers from Crafty Individuals (Book 5 – Travels in Italy). The sentiment is from the Steampunk Travel set, and was heat embossed with white powder. I added a few details with a fine liner pen and quickly coloured some areas with brown pencil. I also blended a little pink dye ink around the edges and over the sentiment to make it stand out – the white embossing resists the ink colour.


How to make it:

  1. Trim the paper down slightly (approx. 14.5cm square) and stamp the scene using Archival Coffee Ink. Add some quick colouring to the gulls and wooden posts using brown pencil.
  2. Stamp the sentiment with Versamark Ink and heat emboss with the white powder.
  3. Draw in some faux stitching around the sentiment to extend the scene (just add a few wavy lines) using the fine tipped pen.
  4. Blend pink ink in from the corners and over the sentiment to make it stand out more (the white embossing will resist the ink).
  5. Use the marker to outline and frame the edges and glue to the card front.

Still Moon created for Chocolate Baroque Colour Challenge 23 and recent TV show

I am loving the Colour Challenge this month – just my colours. I created this one as one of my TV samples for the recent Brusho’s show on the Craft Channel with the Design-A-Tree sets. Wasn’t Lesley brilliant!

AW Still Moon Challenge 23


Step By Step:

  1. Trim the stamping card to approx.14cm square (slightly smaller than the card blank).
  2. Stamp the trees in Vintage Sepia and the sentiment and birds in Onyx Black ink.
  3. Draw a circle in the sky and apply masking fluid.
  4. Prepare Brushos for painting by adding crystals to a little water in a palette. Paint the picture with the inks. Remove the masking fluid and drag some of the colour across the moon.
  5. Spray the moon and central area of the painting sparingly with a little mica spray.
  6. Add a little shading to the trees with the fine tipped marker, extending at the roots to anchor the trees.
  7. Edge the card with black marker and blend Distress Ink in from the edges.
  8. Mount onto the mirror card and glue to the card blank. Finish with a little glitter glue for moonlight sparkle on the branches.

Scene cards created using the Landscape Edges stamp sets from Chocolate Baroque

Here are two more of my scenes created for the recent TV shows on The Craft Channel where Lesley demonstrated Brusho’s. You can still see the show on catch up online if you missed it.

AW Inspiring Sky

AW Red Sky


How it was done:

The Backgrounds

AW Brusho 1

  1. I first created the backgrounds using Brusho’s on A5 sheets of card. The first piece was painted onto smooth card, blending the red into yellow, then black at the base. I tipped the card whilst wet to get interesting streaks and bleeding of the colours together. I then sprayed it sparingly with a little gold mica.
  2. The second piece was created in a similar way but on watercolour card. I coated the card with clear mica spray before applying the Brusho’s.
  3. I trimmed the backgrounds to approx. 13cm square.

Inspiring Sky

  1. Images and sentiment were stamped with Versafine and heat embossed with clear powder to intensify.
  2. I used water to lift a little of the stain from the cloud to lighten it against the background. To get a more intense effect try dilute bleach.

Red Sky

  1. The clouds were stamped with Memento (London Fog).
  2. The remainder of the scene was stamped with Memento (Tuxedo Black) using second generation stamping along the tree line.
  3. A bit of shading was painted using wet brush the black watercolour pen ink.


  1. The images and card blanks were edged with black marker to frame.
  2. Images were mounted onto black card to create a border and then glued onto the card blank.