Rose Garden Gift Bag created with the Tattered Lace Brother ScanNCut Best of 2016 USB

AW Rose Garden Panel Bag 1


AW Rose Garden Panel Bag 2


Today I am sharing some instructions, as promised, for my latest TV show samples created for Create & Craft TV and the Brother ScanNCut.

I created this floral gift bag large enough for a presenting a hat & scarf set or jumper etc. I hope that you like it.

This one is another fairly simple make using the Brother ScanNCut USB, Best of 2016 from Tattered Lace (cutting files in FCM format). A fabulous set of files that sold out very quickly. This has to be my favourite set yet. Well worth grabbing a copy when it returns.


  • Tattered Lace Brother ScanNCut USB 8 – Best of 2016
  • 3 X A4 sheets pink card, 2 X A3 sheets blue pearlescent card, 2 strips white scrap card approx. 2.5cm wide (A3 length)
  • Tattered Lace 8 X 8 Rose Garden embossing folder
  • Glitter glue and marker pen (pink)
  • Large ball tool and embossing mat to shape flower
  • Recycled handle (removed from card packaging box), small piece hook and loop tape (Velcro) for closure

How to make it:

Load the Rose Garden Panel design and cut twice from pink card at approx. A4 sheet size. Settings will depend on your card thickness and density (I used speed 5, pressure 1, standard blade depth 5.5).

Glue the two panels together along the long edge, then glue to an A3 sheet of blue pearlescent card. The join will be along the bottom of the finished bag.

AW Rose Garden Panel Bag 3

Load the teardrop from the machine basic shapes and resize to approx. 6.5 inches high. Copy and cut 2 from blue pearl card. I increased my blade depth to 6.5 to cut this thicker coated card. I have shown the shapes on the ScanNCut canvas screen so that you can see them – but I actually created it on the machine. Trim off approx. 4cm from the teardrop tips to create the bag sides. You could create the fully finished shape in ScanNCut canvas if you want to save it for future projects. I was working in a hurry to finish my samples to post for the show so just quickly cut with a craft knife while designing.

Next create gluing tabs for adding the sides. Score the white scrap card strips down the centre and glue one side (i.e. half the strip) to the back edge of the bag sides. Snip horizontally along the strip overhanging edge enabling the bag to curve around into shape. Sorry that I don’t have a picture to show of this but I was designing and making this an hour before I needed to rush to the post office! Tee hee.

Curve the bag into shape and start gluing the tabs to the teardrop base – working gradually up each side. You need a fairly quick grabbing wet glue for this. It is a bit fiddly, just ease it around the side panel as you glue a few tabs at a time. Trim away the tabs that extend up and beyond the bag sides.

AW Rose Garden Panel Bag 4

Next load the bag top from the machine basic shapes and resize to approx. 8 inches high. Cut from pearl card. Again I have shown a picture of the shape on ScanNCut canvas so that you can see it. I simply loaded it from the machine basic shapes.

Use the rose embossing folder to emboss the rose texture. Use the pink marker to edge the shape. Faux stitching may look nice too but I ran out of time to do this. Score a section in the centre wide enough to add the handle and fold into shape. Mark the position of the slots to insert the handle and cut with a craft knife. Attach the handle and glue the back panel to the bag. Add some Velcro strips to make a closure.

Load the Floral Layers Rose design. You will need 4 sets of each of the petal elements to make up the rose. Cut from the other sheet of pink card. Using an embossing mat and ball tool give some shape to the petals and make up the flower, layering larger petals to the outside, reducing size towards the middle, finishing with a folded up bud shape in the centre.

Finally glue the rose to the bag front, finish with glitter glue for sparkle.