Got my table cloths made for the show

I got my table cloths made and ready for my show (Art on the Common, Harpenden, 10th and 11th June).


I tie dyed some polycotton sheeting. Really quick method using elastic bands. I edged with an overlocked hem stitch so that was quick & easy too.

Table Cloths

Less than 2 weeks to go……… panic ….. eeek!

Nearly finished all my silks and some cotton shopping bags as ‘fillers’ for my stall. All paintings about finished. Next is to sort and finish jewellery. Gosh – it takes so long to label and price everything!

Will share more soon x


Tie dyed T Shirt and Denim Skirt

AW Tie Dye Top 1

AW Tie Die Skirt 1

I have been meaning to dye these for ages so whilst having a dyeing session I finally started on these – a white T shirt and very pale denim skirt (white to pale blue dip die effect). I used one of the old multipurpose Dylon dies in the washing machine (they now have an alternative formulation for natural fabrics such as cotton). I really didn’t spend a lot of time. I decided where I wanted the motifs and made a small mark with chalk. I placed a chop stick tip behind the placement mark and made a sort of tent shape. Then I simply wrapped it with elastic bands and pulled out the stick. I found this a really quick and easy method. I then dyed in the washing machine with salt (according to packet directions). I love the way that the polyester stitching didn’t pick up the die – nice design detail.

I may add some more layers by block printing with decolourant pastes, and perhaps some embroidery or trims – I will share when finished. In the meantime they are wearable as they are.