Loopy Scarves ready for my show this weekend

I have been busy making lots of scarves ready for my show this weekend. I love these decadent loopy scarves – and they use up a lot of my yarn stash too (about 5 or 6 balls used in each one). I have combined different colours and textures from various yarn brands, making then unique too.

AW Loopa Scarf Pink

AW Loopa Scarf Lilac

AW Loopa Scarf Blue

AW Loopa Scarf Aqua


AW Loopa Scarf Aqua a

The last one is my fave. It reminds me of a tropical coral reef.


I used a Loopa tool to make these. Sorry that I don’t have time to write a tutorial at the moment but I found a YouTube Video from Diana Suarez showing how to work using a similar tool to mine. I used 5 or 6 different yarns together in mine for added colour and texture. I also finished by machine sewing up the central loops using a lingerie zig zag stitch over the central anchoring loops. This holds them together firmly and securely so the loops do not come loose or pull out.

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