Pyramid Thread Wrapped Button Earrings Created for Gina B Silkworks

Gina is launching a brand new Thread Wrapped Button book on The Craft Store TV channel tomorrow at 10am (Sat 23 October 21 – Freeview TV channel 85 – or watch live or on catch up via their website). It will be an extra special show celebrating 10 years of crafting on TV.

Check Gina’s website ( for lots of button making supplies and resources (including her new book following the launch show).


25mm Triangle Mould (for sample button)

20mm Triangle Moulds (X2)

Finca No 12 Cotton Perle thread – bright ink and dark purple

Fine tapestry needle

Set of silver plated earring wires

Instructions: Thread Wrapped Buttons Book

Optional: Button Makers Third Hand & Tool Kit (invaluable for holding part wrapped buttons whilst needle threading etc.)

How it was done:

I first made a pyramid wrapped test button using the 25mm mould (bigger is always easier to start when practicing) according to directions in Gina’s book.

I then made the earrings using 20mm moulds. Using 3e in purple for the foundation and a slight variation of the method for the pink wraps – 2e wraps in the pink. This provided more thread coverage over the back of the button (so I didn’t need to cover workings on the back with felt to hide). I worked a small button hole loop at the top to attach earring wires (jump rings could be used).

Really cute and not too heavy for wearing. Hope that you like them.


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